The Sound of Silence

I have to admit I am loving this Daily Prompt challenge!  It’s a written assignment that provokes thoughts about the topics I normally wouldn’t consider, I think.

One of the daily prompts I’ve missed was Silence.  It’s a quiet word.  It extended its sibilant tentacles towards me as I was idly browsing the Word Press pages, and I understood that now the time has come. I need to write about it.

I simultaneously like silence and abhor it, depending on the mood and situation.  It’s something I’ve learned to appreciate and use to some extent quite awhile ago.  All of us married people and parents to boot know how effective it can be when employed in domestic conflicts, and what devastating consequences the well placed hours of muteness may unexpectedly produce.  It’s scary how much can be lost and found by simply withholding the sound.

Silence can be peaceful and ominous, companionable and  withdrawn, still and buzzing with excitement.  How can absence of vibration, lack of stimulation of our hearing organs, basically nonexistence of any action be interpreted in so many different ways?  I guess this ability to assign different meanings to the same process (or the lack thereof) is what makes us human.  We use our own personalities as a canvass, on which our life experiences are painted, and the sound of silence and its many connotations are among the brushstrokes of humanity that we add to the sequence of events that compose our lives.

I started this blog because the silence inside me grew too loud.  I’d like to know what will happen if I turn it into words.

However, I think at this point I am out of adjectives, synonyms and figures of speech altogether, so I bid you all good night.



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